Client: Cannes Lions | Opportunity knocks platform
Role: Creative + Designer

Create a brand identity for Cannes Lion's¨Opportunity Knocks¨, a new platform for the next generation of creative talent to showcase their skills to the Cannes Lions Community.

One of the asks was that people could recognize in our logo the brand values of the Cannes Lions. We were inspired by the most representative element of the festival, the Lion. We combined that with the universal symbol of a knocker to create an identity that was both impactful and recognizable.

*The Young Lion's competition happens in a total of 24hs for briefing, conceptualization, and execution. At the time, references and usage of fonts other than the ones in the laptop given were not permitted.

Partner: Fabian Pulido

Cannes Lions Logo

Our Approach

Cannes is an international event that receives visitors from all over the world, so their logos must be not tied to a specific language and are easily understandable across the globe.

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