Client ·························· Mcdonalds Dubai
Project ······················· Breakfast
Medium······················ UX design/Digital
Year ····························· 2014
McDonald's MENA wanted to push their sales on the breakfast menu, we wanted to give back happiness while helping our client to meet their sales goals. We took the one thing most people hate about mornings – an alarm clock, and turned it into something they would love: McDonald’s Happy Alarm. 

*This was in 2014, so most of these features were rare at the time.

Role: Art Director, UX Designer
Copywritter: Clevin Antão

Set up your alarm and make it fully personalized by choosing from five categories of customization: song, video, picture, voice, and message.

When setting your alarm at night, use the ‘Breakfast in bed’ mode to pre-order your breakfast to be delivered to your door the following morning at your wake-up time.


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