Agency: FCB San Francisco
Client: Clorox | Bleach
Role: Art Direction, Production, Designer.


Before 2020's Bleach high demand, its perception as the nuclear option of household cleaners was alienating younger generations. They were afraid of it, and they were unsure of how or when to use it. So we needed to remove the fear and make it feel user-friendly.


We had two goals: uncovering interesting new ways for Millennials and Gen-z’s to use bleach in daily life and flip a fear of our product into a curiosity about its possibilities.


We made a music video that could inform, entertain and surprise a notoriously skeptical audience. We disguised instructional information as karaoke-worthy lyrics, teaching a new generation how to use our product.


Even with limited media support, the video took off and quickly grew to +10 million views and 4.7k+ likes on YouTube.
Our average view duration was 54 seconds! Almost everyone who saw this video decided to watch to the end.

*On Youtube, the average view duration for a 60 second ad is 7 seconds. Most advertisers are lucky to get someone more than two seconds past the ‘skip ad’ button. (Take that best digital practices!)

We also did some fun animations to support it


What people were saying


People liked it so much that someone actually went ahead and did a
20 min version of it >>>

Yeah, Bleach does that...for 20 mins




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