Client ··································· Clorox
Project ································· Bleach

Medium ································ TV; Social
Year ····································· 2019

Before 2020’s high demand for Bleach, young adults viewed Bleach one way: A scary, last resort option for big messes. But it’s wayyyyy more versatile than people think.

Shift perception of bleach from some toxic liquid monster to a useful tool everyone should have by showing all the surprising uses for bleach.Yes, all of them. Because yeah, bleach does that.

We created an original piece of music to show that bleach does many surprising (non-scary) things.

Results so far:

31MM impressions and +9.9M views, with an 89% average percentage viewed.
That's an average view duration of 54 seconds. –For a :60s video, this is incredibly strong.

Consideration of purchase increased from 39% to 87%.

What people are saying:

“This is the only ad that I’ve ever deliberately searched for”

What a bop, fuckn slaps brah“

They cracked our millennial code. Now I want to clean.

“This is a music video. Stop making it an ad.” 

“This commercial itself needs Clorox from how dirty it is”

“Brooo they really sounded pretty good I'm weak Ash“

“this shit was fucking fire!”

“Why is it an actually bop... I need an extended version”

“Dammit, I wish the song is not about some product. It is that good”

They didn’t have to go this hard“

“I've listened to this for an hour straight. This has no business being as good as it is”

“Man I jam to a bleach ad. Wow I never thought iIwould do that. I love it thou. Soo catchy.“

“I can’t believe I’m actually obsessed with this ad”

Don Draper would be proud”

We also created a series of fun animations to teach people about Bleach’s versatility

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