Agency: Leo Burnett Colombia
Client: Absolut | Special Edition
Role: Conceptive + Art Direction + Designer


Create a removable "second-skin" for Absolut vodka that represents Colombia's culture and values — tweaking traditional Colombian crafts and producing an appealing packaging for Absolut's consumers and collectors.


Colombians are known for their positive and joyful attitude towards life. They live by the belief that every minor achievement should be celebrated, a value that ABSOLUT has insightfully captured in their designs, representing the cultures and values of different countries and cities worldwide.

We created a second skin that resembled and functioned as a "guacharaca," one of Colombia's most cherished musical instruments and a symbol of festivity.

The result was a unique bottle design that not only embodies Colombia's distinct culture and values but also appeals to all of ABSOLUT's consumers and collectors.

Partner & 3D artist: Fabian Pulido

Our second-skin design features a minimalist style crafted from satin stainless steel. This material not only offers durability and lightness but also stands out beautifully in nightlife settings, such as clubs and bars.

The design is embossed to give it a unique texture, producing the characteristic sound that distinguishes it from other bottles. Additionally, the neck of the bottle is adorned with a one-piece threaded bead, a symbol commonly used by Colombian artisans. This design element further emphasizes the cultural roots of the design while adding a touch of sophistication.


Young Cannes Lions Silver Award

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