Client ·································· Absolut Vodka
Project ································ Colombia 2nd skin

Medium ······························· Packaging
Year ···································· 2013

As a brand ABSOLUT insightfully extracts the culture and values of countries and cities all over the world, subsequently, to represent them in a unique design.


Create a removable "second-skin" for Absolut vodka that represents Colombia's culture and values — tweaking traditional Colombian crafts and producing an appealing packaging for Absolut's consumers and collectors.


If Colombians are known for something, that's happiness. We are a country that defies the day-by-day adversities with a smile and optimism. Our motto is that "every small accomplishment calls for a celebration." We decided to take part in these moments with an Absolut skin that helped to continue the celebration.

Hence, we redesign Absolut skin into one of the most iconic instruments of our country, the "guacharaca."

Young Cannes Lions
Silver Award

With a minimalistic design, we created a second skin made of satin stainless steel, a material that is not only resistant and light but also stands out dazzlingly at night (clubs and bars). It's embossed to give it a unique texture and its characteristic sound. It also has a one-piece made of threaded beads that cover the neck of the bottle — a well known symbol of Colombian artisans.


Partner & 3D artist: Fabian Pulido

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